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Truffle tasting
Truffle tasting
Truffle tasting
Truffle tasting
Truffle tasting
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Truffle tasting
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Tuber melanosporum

A 100% black truffle prestige box to make your loved ones enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience. A "Tuber Melanosporum" selection to cook in complete freedom a luxurious product according to your desires.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • From the best terroirs
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Truffle tasting gift box

Live yourself or offer a timeless experience with this box composed only of black truffles and black truffle products from Maison Truffes Henras. Whether you are a truffle lover or a novice, you will be able to discover the world of truffles or make your favourite recipes based on black truffles. 


1 Extra Brushed Whole Black Truffle - 1st cooking Tuber Melanosporum 12.5 g

Our Extra Brushed Whole Black Truffle from 1st cooking, are selected for their regular shape, size and perfect appearance; but also for their excellent gustatory intensity preserved thanks to the technique of the first boiling.

1 Black truffle Juice Tuber Melanosporum 50 g

Our canned truffle juice is extracted during the opening of the canned truffles of first cooking. Naturally full of flavours, it is the right product to create truffle recipes, to embellish a dish or to bind a sauce.

1 Fine Guerande salt with black truffle 1% Tuber Melanosporum 50 g

Salt is a flavor enhancer, it gives the black truffle the support it needs to reveal all its aromatic complexity in the mouth. Both subtle and powerful, our black truffle salt is the ideal condiment for your cooking to magnify and bring a touch of madness to your recipes.

1 Grape seed oil and black truffle 1% Tuber Melanosporum 100 ml

Grape seed and black truffle oil is an exceptional condiment that can be used in cold and hot preparations because it is heat resistant. With its naturally neutral taste, grape seed oil puts the black truffle, its aromas and its unmistakable taste in the foreground. A product with multiple possibilities for unlimited creativity.

Truffle tasting
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