175 g

and black truffle 0.6 %
Tuber melanosporum
175 g

A tasty risotto with a delicate taste of black truffle. It is a combination of Arborio rice, aromatics and black truffle breakings that will delight the palate of truffle lovers. This risotto is made in our workshop, with our truffles.
  • Made in France
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  • No synthetic flavour

Risotto and black truffle

Our risotto with black truffle is a dish frequently presented on the menus of the greatest gastronomic restaurants. It is a must for truffle recipes. Ours is a perfect blend of Arborio rice selected for the crunchiness of its grains, a very tasty aromatic mixture and black truffle breakings with a woody and musky taste.

Flavors of risotto "black truffle"

The black truffle risotto from Maison Truffes Henras 1820, a traditional Italian dish, is a convivial dish perfect to share. Rice is one of the ingredients that enhance the flavours of the truffle. Arborio rice is grown in northern Italy, in the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. Its short and almost round grains, rich in starch, are ideal for recipes such as risottos. The selected herbs recall the comforting taste of a delicious vegetable broth. These go perfectly with the truffle breakings made by our experts in our workshops. Guaranteed 100% Tuber melanosporum, they come from pieces of finely chopped black truffles.

How to pair the black truffle risotto?

The truffle risotto is a simple dish to prepare. The art of risotto lies in the cooking of the rice. Its texture should be creamy, while retaining the crunchiness of its grains. It is Arborio rice which, throughout the cooking, absorbs the broth, rich in flavor, and gives the preparation a smooth texture. Depending on individual preferences, it is possible to decorate the recipe with different ingredients that will bring new flavors. A touch of white wine will enhance the taste of the risotto by bringing a touch of acidity. Adding minced poultry, beautiful scallops or Parmesan shavings will make the risotto more delicious.


Arborio rice - Origin Italy (92%), vegetable seasoning (salt, whole meal rice flour, onion, carrot, celery, parsnip, yeast extract, sunflower oil, spices), dehydrated Henras black truffle 0.6% (Tuber melanosporum), garlic, natural flavour.

  • No synthetic aroma
  • Henras black truffles, selected and from the best terroirs
  • Handcrafted in our workshops
  • Made in France
Tips for use

Brown the rice in a frying pan with two tablespoons of oil, until it becomes translucent. Add 60 ml of white wine as desired. Reduce the temperature then add little by little 400 ml of warm water, stirring constantly. After 15 minutes of cooking, pour the small container of aromatic preparation. Continue to stir until the rice takes on a creamy texture (about 5 more minutes).

Conservation tips

Keep away from heat and light.