With its uneven harvests, its truffle lands with singular productions, the truffle requires real expertise. Since 1820, Maison Henras has been appreciated for its rigorous selection of the best truffles, at the best times of the season, in the best truffle’s fields in the world.

The perfect knowledge of the truffle and its markets, the true love of the aromatic subtlety and the understanding of the freshness requirements of high gastronomy have enabled Maison Henras to never derogate from the criteria of excellence.


Black truffle


The black truffle of its Latin name "Tuber Melanosporum" has been known since the 19th century as the "black diamond" of French gastronomy, a precious stone that sublimates culinary creations, from the most audacious to the simplest. Tasteful, subtle, fine, fragrant, tasty, this truffle, also known as the "Perigord truffle" remains, before being a luxury product, a pure product of the soil.

Preserving fresh truffles


In this article, discover all our advice on the short and long term conservation of your fresh truffles. To begin with, you must differentiate between fresh cleaned truffles and fresh hollowed truffles, as the two states of the truffle will imply differences in the way you preserve your truffles. 

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