The Production

Depuis près de 200 ans, la Maison Truffes Henras 1820 sélectionne, nettoie à la main, calibre et prépare les meilleures truffes pour proposer une sélection sur mesure à ses clients. Elle a été l’une des premières maisons à transformer la truffe en conserve, pour permettre aux chefs de l’utiliser même hors saison. Pour les chefs les plus exigeants, la Maison Truffes Henras 1820 sait trouver le produit spécifique attendu, destiné à une création particulière.

Arrivées en lots de terre, les truffes fraîchement cavées sont nettoyées, une par une, à la main. Elles sont ensuite triées, canifées et calibrées. Chaque truffe passe entre les mains expertes de nos sélectionneurs pour être évaluée.

Une véritable course contre la montre alors s'engage pour expédier le plus rapidement possible toutes les truffes destinées à nos clients chefs étoilés, restaurateurs, artisans et clients e-commerce, car une truffe sorti de terre ne se conserve pas indéfiniment (environ 10 jours dans de bonnes conditions de conservation)

La réception

The fresh truffle is bought in lots of earth in the best truffle growing areas.

In order to fully preserve the perfume of our truffles, they are still in the earth when they arrive in our workshops.


Le nettoyage

Truffles are then soaked to relieve themselves of their protective envelope of soil.

They are then cleaned with clear water and by hand to dissolve the last recalcitrant heaps of earth.

All this process is done by hand with respect for the truffle, in order to preserve its quality.

Le tri

The truffles are displayed on a sorting table, our selection experts sort the entire arrivals by hand.

They are sorted according to three criterias : 

  • their size
  • their shape
  • their density

The most beautiful are sold fresh, the others are used in our signature cans and our gourmet preparations.

La sélection

We use the canifage technique to refine our sorting. The truffles are notched in order to check the quality of their flesh.

Calibration allows us to make a selection by size and weight, in order to meet the requirements of our different customers.

Our experts are among the best connoisseurs of truffles in terms of selection.

La conserverie

We are the forerunners in the appertisation and conservation of black truffles from the Périgord.

The signature taste of our black truffle cans lies in the secret of our traditional recipes.

An ancestral know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation for 200 years.

L'atelier de production

We don't spoil anything, the remaining truffles are magnified in our range of truffle products.

All of our know-how can be found in our gourmet and original preparations.

We take your opinion into account to constantly satisfy your requirements.

La préparation des commandes

Fresh truffles are vacuum-packed with absorbent paper to protect them during transport and preserve them. They are shipped by refrigerated transport to our customers.

The labels are stuck on by hand, which allows a final check of the product, an additional guarantee of quality.

Our parcels are carefully prepared for worry-free delivery to your home.