Our history

"Mushroom with delicate genesis, complex scents, euphoric, the underground star truffle illuminates the kitchen. According to the uneven pickings, its plural scent, in the memory of the lands of choice, the knowledge of the truffle has made our profession since 1820."

In 1820,

the village of Thiviers welcomed a new company... It is in the middle of the Perigord truffle terroir, that Mr. Bouton and Mr. Henras decided to settle to start their wholesale business of mushrooms and fresh truffles that they then named "Maison Bouton & Henras".

At that time, the truffle is consumed in quantity and French production is growing, it is sold on the markets alongside potatoes and turnips. It is in this decorum that the history of the Maison Truffes Henras 1820 is born. 

In the years that followed, the craze for the tuber increased, the Maison Bouton & Henras settled in Périgueux while a dilemma appeared.

How do you transport and fulfil orders throughout France while guaranteeing impeccable quality?

A few years earlier, and more precisely in 1795, a certain Nicolas Appert, confectioner by profession and inventor, found a revolutionary means of preservation, which he called appertization. The process makes it possible to keep a food product in a stable state over time. Mr. Appert uses glass bottles with a wide neck in which he places the product to be preserved. These bottles were then sealed with wax and heated in a water bath for sterilization. 

Maison Bouton et Henras will be the first to take an interest in appertization, it will even go further by seeking to improve the method of appertization. At that time, the House was the first to apply this method of conservation to truffles. 

The experts Bouton and Henras will succeed in preserving the aromatic bouquet of the fresh truffle in the preserves and developing the signature taste of Henras truffles.

This discovery, combined with the generalization of restaurants, the development of the railway and the growing craze for the black truffle of the Périgord, allowed the Maison Bouton & Henras to continue to grow. It can now send canned mushrooms and truffles anywhere in France, the House delivers restaurants and grocery stores with fresh products appertized.

It is the consecration in 1889, during the universal exhibition, the House Bouton & Henras is distinguished with a gold medal for its canned truffles. The House thus acquires the status of expert "ès tuber melanosporum" and continues to improve its know-how by innovating to support its matriarchal place of excellence in the selection and preparation of its canned fresh products. 

Over the years and through marriages, Maison Bouton & Henras joined the Maison Bouton & Fils of the Bouton family and became Bouton & Cie towards the end of the nineteenth century. The company then included several activities, and alongside truffles and mushrooms, other fresh products were added, such as foie gras or sausages. 


The descendants of Mr. Henras then decided to leave the parent company to refocus on the historical activity under the name of Maison Henras :  the trade, trade of truffles and mushrooms. 

The company is then moved to Cahors, in a context where the harvests are less and less lush, the truffle is becoming scarce, the price of the truffle is exploding and the black truffle is transformed into a real luxury product. The ancestral activity then continues in the respect of the product, in a constant search for quality, with the vocation of offering exceptional products for great chefs, delicatessens and processors. 

To maintain its status as an expert, Maison Henras uses its hundred years of experience in truffle trading to join forces with the best truffle growers and truffle brokers. 

The majority is sold directly fresh and must be consumed quickly. The rest of the production is canned in different formats, for later consumption. These preserves are called first boil or second boil. The first boiling or first cooking is usually reserved for catering professionals. It is a single sterilization that is applied to the truffle, in order to preserve all its precious flavors.

This process, which has become the figurehead of Henras excellence, has become very popular with top restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs, who can now preserve luxury products throughout the year without having to take into account their seasonal nature.

Maison Henras has been able to perpetuate the traditions and expertise of the House until the twenty-first century. In 2019, at the dawn of its 200th anniversary, the House wanted to renew itself to highlight its history, its excellence and also to ensure the bicentennial heritage under the name Maison Truffes Henras 1820. 

"It is this context of renewal that led us to develop our business and turn to the general public through our e-commerce platform. To be able to offer you, too, a selection of fresh and canned truffles, worthy of the greatest tables around the world."

The commitments


Distinguished in 1889 by a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris for its canned truffles, the Maison Truffes Henras 1820 acquired an expert status "ès Tuber Melanosporum". 

The "in-house" know-how in terms of selection has asserted itself with the need to explore new truffle terroirs, to maintain a high level of requirement despite the irregularity of the harvests. 

Inspired by the creativity of chefs, the Maison Truffes Henras 1820 has always offered products of high gastronomy, to allow our customers to express all their culinary audacity.


Maison Henras is an "institution", a historic brand that guarantees reliability and know-how in selection. It is a brand that understands the level of requirement of its customers, for whom it has a lot of respect.

The Maison Truffes Henras 1820 has great legitimacy in the transformation of fresh truffles into cooked truffles. The House works like a haute couture house, applying the rules of "tailor-made" to its selections of fresh truffles. 

The Maison Truffes Henras 1820 is committed to making derived products that will reconcile true truffle lovers with neophytes: no artificial flavor, respect for the "true" taste of Tuber melanosporum.


The Maison Truffes Henras 1820 embodies excellence at the service of creativity. It stimulates creativity because it frees its customers from the stress of selecting the "right truffle" so that they can focus on the essentials, their excellence. 

Avant-garde and guarantor of historical know-how, the Maison Truffes Henras 1820 is the ally of those who dare culinary creativity. The brand is not only reserved for the elite, chefs and big houses, it is for everyone, for those who dare, those who love and those who get started. Neophytes, epicureans or seasoned, the House will be the spearhead of your culinary creativity.