Canned truffles

Discover our range of canned truffles from first and second boil.
20 g
Truffle pieces
From 16 g
Black truffles in slices
20 g
Truffle breakings
From 12.5g
Black truffle juice
From 50 g

Our canned truffles

The technique of the first boil Maison Truffes Henras is generally used for professionnal’s cans. Through this singular and unique heat treatment, the truffles, whose aromas are fragile, retain a large part of their flavour. The weight loss they undergo during cooking is found in the tasty juice inside the jar.

The Maison Truffes Henras second boil cans are made exclusively from Tuber melanosporum. They are therefore "mono-variety", without any addition of Tuber brumale, for a 100% melanosporum taste. The juice obtained from the first boil also comes from 100% melanosporum cans and is not cut with water.