Whole black truffles
From 20 g

Whole black truffles
Extra brushed – First boil
Tuber melanosporum

Our canned whole Extra brushed truffles from 1st cooking, are selected for their regular shape, size and perfect appearance; but also for their excellent taste intensity preserved thanks to the technique of the first boiling.
  • Category 1 - Extra
  • From the best terroirs
  • First boil

Whole black truffles Extra brushed 1st boil

We select some small whole Extra brushed truffles for our first cooking cans. They are around 16.5 g and are sterilized in one go, to preserve their aromas. They lose about 25% of their weight and this loss is found in the juice formed during cooking. It’s a real taste concentrate.


The preparation of our canned truffles

Our whole Extra truffles are washed, canned and packaged with the utmost care by our experts. Even today the truffles are handwashed to protect the truffles from any damage. They are then sorted, and the most beautiful truffles are set aside to serve in the preparation of our canned whole Extra truffles from the first boil.

The first boil is usually reserved for catering professionals. It is a single sterilization which is applied to the truffle, in order to retain all its precious flavors. Maison Truffes Henras was the first to master its production.


The Tuber Melanosporum

Tuber melanosporum has been the most used truffle in cooking for more than two centuries. Its indescribable fragrance is very intense, whether in hot or cold culinary preparations.

The Périgord black truffle is harvested from mid-November to mid-March, the most mature truffles are found from mid-January. The canned truffles from the first boil allow you to consume this truffle throughout the year without worrying about the seasonality of the product while retaining all its flavors.


Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum), truffle juice, salt

Whole black truffles
  • Category 1 - Extra: Superior quality.
  • From a single cooking: better preservation of their aromas.
  • Our black truffles truffles are selected and come from the best vintages.
  • From France or Spain.
Tips for use

Whole black truffles can be cut into thin slices and added with their very aromatic juice to your preparations at the end of cooking.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, store in the fridge and consume quickly.