Truffle pieces
From 16 g

Truffle pieces
First boil
Tuber melanosporum

Our first-boiled canned pieces of truffles come from whole truffles of very good quality from which we have removed parts broken or damaged by frost. The taste quality of these pieces is identical to that of our first-choice whole truffles.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • First boil
  • Hand made

Canned black truffle pieces

Canned black truffle pieces are a great alternative to Extra truffle. Their careful preparation in our workshops guarantees you a pleasant taste and a quality certified by Maison Truffes Henras. It is an exceptional dish for the most gourmets.

The preparation of our canned truffle pieces

When the truffles are prepared and cleaned by hand, it sometimes happens that some truffles are damaged and may no longer be suitable for this category. In this case, we lighten the truffle of its imperfections by trimming it and then we cut it again into large pieces of high quality to allow you to cut it easily and without debris.

The juice is formed when the first-boiled cans are prepared and corresponds to the weight lost by the truffle.

The tuber melanosporum

For 200 years, the Périgord black truffle has been the most used truffle in cooking. Its woody scent has transformed it into a true black diamond for gastronomy. It is a very interesting nugget with both intense and subtle flavors, it can be eaten fresh or raw according to your culinary desires.

Tuber melanosporum is a seasonal product that is most often consumed during the end of the year season. Our canned truffle pieces from the first boil allow long preservation and preservation of the true flavors of the truffle over the long term so that you can enjoy an exceptional product throughout the year.


Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum), truffle juice, salt.

Truffle pieces
  • From a single boil: better preservation of their aromas.
  • Our black Henras truffles are selected and come from the best varieties
  • From France or Spain
Tips for use

The black truffle pieces are to be added to your preparations, such as scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes, at the end of cooking.

Conservation tips

Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, keep in the fridge and consume quickly.