Tomato sauce
190 g

Tomato sauce
with black truffle 2,6%
Tuber melanosporum
190 g

A delicious tomato sauce with black truffle full of flavor. An original product designed and created by Maison Truffes Henras which will allow you to get out of the culinary habits in place.
It is a rich and generous tomato sauce to use without prior preparation.
  • Made in France
  • No synthetic flavour

Tomato sauce with black truffle

Our tomato sauce with black truffle is produced in france, based on crushed tomatoes from provence and black truffles from Maison Truffes Henras. Our recipe is made from ingredients of natural origin, without preservatives or texturizers.

The flavors of tomato sauce with black truffle.

It is exclusive to Maison Truffes Henras. The tomatoes, carefully picked in France are prepared and crushed without artifice for a tasty, delicious and original taste. They are cooked with fried onions and extra virgin olive oil to release the acidity of the tomatoes.

The addition of black truffle in the preparation opens the doors to an eden of flavours, the allied notes of the truffle blend with the savoury taste of a delicate tomato sauce. The agreement is balanced, generous, sweet and tasty. The flavor of this truffle preparation will put your guests on the edge of their seats even before you have finished your culinary preparation.

What to do with a black truffle tomato sauce?

Our tomato sauce with black truffle is not an ordinary product, it is a unique product that we are the only one to produce. True nugget, we managed to create a balance between tomatoes and the périgord truffle. This tomato sauce transforms a simple dish of fresh pasta into a special and tasty preparation.

In addition, this tomato recipe is ideal as a pizza base, a brilliant idea that will delight your guests without effort. The aromas of the truffle will not disappear during cooking and will always release as many flavors out of the oven.


Tomatoes from Provence 52%, tomato coulis 25%, onions, concentrated tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, Henras black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) 2.6%, natural flavour, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper.

Tomato sauce
  • No synthetic aroma.
  • Truffle content higher than the average of tomato truffle sauces on the market.
  • Tomatoes from Provence.
  • Henras black truffles, selected and from the best terroirs.
Tips for use

The tomato sauce with black truffle can be added to fresh pasta or used as a base for lasagna.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, keep in the fridge and consume quickly.