Ketchup with Balsamic vinegar
100 g

Ketchup with Balsamic vinegar
and summer truffle 2%
Tuber aestivum
100 g

Easy to use, our ketchup made with balsamic vinegar and summer truffle is perfect to accompany fries and also meat. A subtle blend of ketchup, balsamic vinegar and summer truffle that will seduce the largest number. Sweet, intense tastes that combine the sweetness of ketchup with the woodiness of truffles, a real treat.
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  • No synthetic flavour

Balsamic vinegar and summer truffle ketchup

Summer truffle ketchup is an original product. Unknown from the public, it has yet an explosive aromatic power which will easily seduce your guests. A nice product that will find its place in the kitchen to the point of becoming an indispensable part of your preparations.

The flavors of our ketchup with balsamic vinegar and summee truffle 

Our summer truffle and balsamic vinegar ketchup is a product that can make most preparations irresistible. It consists of a concentrate of Italian tomatoes, bringing tasty sunny notes to the preparation.

Balsamic vinegar, on the other hand, provides a rich and tasty consistency and releases its sweet and fruity flavors. Add to that the sweet woody notes of the summer truffle Tuber aestivum and light hints of hazelnuts.

All these ingredients are mixed to obtain an original ketchup, with a delicious taste that is very intense on the palate. It offers unlimited possibilities in the kitchen.

What to do with our ketchup ?

The summer truffle ketchup is the ideal companion for your barbecues, it will spice up your grills with finesse. Its unequaled taste transforms simple fries into an incredible gastronomic preparation. Ketchup with Balsamic vinegar and summer truffle fits very well in the preparation of a burger, to give it some notes of nobility thanks to the flavors of summer truffle.

Our summer truffle ketchup will easily replace standard ketchup in all your preparations and will introduce the youngest to the taste of summer truffle.


Tomato concentrate, brown sugar, water, 10% balsamic vinegar, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) 2%, tomatoes, Guérande salt, red onion, chilli, cinnamon, rice starch, natural flavour.

Ketchup with Balsamic vinegar
  • No synthetic flavour.
  • Original recipe.
  • Made with balsamic vinegar.
Tips for use

Our ketchup with Balsamic vinegar and summer truffle 2%  is perfect with grilled meats or fries.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, keep in the fridge and consume quickly.