Homemade crisps cooked in a cauldron with 3% black truffle
125 g

Homemade crisps cooked in a cauldron with 3% black truffle
Tuber melanosporum
125 g

Discover the first artisanal crisps cooked in a cauldron with Périgord black truffle 3% NO ADDED FLAVOR..
Made in France, with potatoes from the Landes, salt from Salies du Béarn, sunflower oil from the South West and Henras black truffles from the best vintages, they are delicious and crispy to perfection!
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  • Made in France

Homemade crisps cooked in a cauldron with 3% black truffle

You will taste the real truffle taste, not the truffle-like aroma!

Discover the first truffle crisps WITHOUT ADDED FLAVOR. By tasting these chips, you are tasting black truffle and not the aroma and slivers of summer truffle (truffle which once cooked loses all its flavor).

Ideal for a festive dinner aperitif, they will accompany all kinds of appetizers!


What truffles are used?

The truffles used to make these crisps were specifically selected in February by Maison Truffes Henras, in high season and chosen from among the smallest and most aromatic.

They come from different partner truffle growers, from Dordogne, Charentes, Quercy Blanc and also from the province of Teruel, in Spain.

They have undergone a unique, patented process of gentle dehydration at a controlled temperature, then have been reduced to powder to be used in our salts, oils, butters and crisps without added flavourings.


How many truffles in a packet ?

3% or here 3.75 g of dehydrated truffles, which corresponds to 15 g of fresh truffle. In each packet of truffles, there is the equivalent of a small whole dried truffle.


What about the other ingredients?

These crisps are made by a potato producer from the Landes, from his local harvest. The salt used comes from Salies du Béarn and the sunflower oil from the South-West.

The cripss are handcrafted and cooked in a cauldron, which gives them a unique crispness !


Potatoes*, sunflower oil*, Périgord black truffle 3% (Tuber melanosporum), Salies de Béarn salt*

May contain traces of peanuts.

*100% French ingredients

Homemade crisps cooked in a cauldron with 3% black truffle
  • First black truffle crisps without any added flavor
  • Handcrafted - cooked in a cauldron
  • Black truffles from Périgord selected by Maison Henras
Tips for use

To be consumed as an aperitif or as a snack.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from light. After opening consume quickly.