Hazelnut oil
100 ml

Hazelnut oil
and black truffle 1%
Tuber melanosporum
100 ml

An exceptional blend of hazelnut oil and the famous black truffle, which will delight the palate of gourmets. Hazelnut oil with black truffle is ideal for enhancing everyday dishes. The sweetness of the hazelnut combined with the subtlety of the black truffle creates an exceptional flavor on the palate.
  • Made in France
  • No synthetic flavour

Hazelnut oil and black truffle

The hazelnut oil and black truffle is made by us in our workshop located in the Lot. This oil is selected for its delicacy and roundness. As for the black truffles used in this preparation, they come from the best varieties, like all the truffles from Maison Truffes Henras. They are chosen by the experts of the House, for their aromas, their shape and their size.

The mixture of these two ingredients creates a perfect balance between the sweetness of the hazelnut and the subtlety of the black truffle. Hazelnut oil and black truffle will reveal all the flavors of your dishes or your seasonings; even the simplest.

Traditional hazelnut oil

The oil used in the preparation of hazelnut oil and black truffle is obtained from French hazelnuts. These are rigorously selected for the aromas they contain. The oil is then extracted in the traditional way: the hazelnuts extracted from their shell, are worked with a stone wheel and then roasted before pressing. The roasting brings a toasted nutty taste, very pleasant on the palate. The addition of black truffle, makes it an exceptional oil, with incomparable taste finesse.

The excellent tuber melanosporum

The black truffle is a noble mushroom, often called the black Périgord diamond, for the color of its flesh: black with burgundy reflections. It grows most often at the foot of oaks, but also of hazelnuts trees or lime trees. This is where its complex scent and incomparable flavor comes from.

Its intense and subtle taste is composed of more than fifty aromatic nuances including woody, slightly vanilla, allied and musky notes. It very particular fragrance is suitable for the simplest as well as the most refined recipes. Poured into a scrambled egg, a scallop carpaccio or with Bresse poultry, hazelnut oil and black truffles will delight the taste buds of the most gourmet.


98% hazelnut oil, 1% black Henras truffle (Tuber melanosporum), natural flavour.

Hazelnut oil
  • No synthetic flavour
  • Henras black truffles, selected from the best terroirs.
  • Truffle content higher than in the average of truffle oils on the market.
  • Handcrafted in our workshops.
Tips for use

The hazelnut oil and black truffle is ideal for sublimating scallops, grilled fish or a pumpkin soup.

Conservation tips

Keep away from light and heat.