Frozen black truffles
From 50g

Frozen black truffles
Tuber melanosporum

Maison Truffes Henras frozen black truffles are perfect for enjoying truffles all year round. These high quality truffles are of Extra category and their long shelf life allow you to enjoy the black diamond whenever you want.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • Category 1 - Extra
  • From the best terroirs

Frozen black truffles

Ideal for enjoying the flavours of the Périgord truffle all year round and for creating truffle recipes. These frozen truffles can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one year and can be eaten at any time. 

Preparation of frozen black truffles

Our frozen black truffles are made from the best vintages and selected from whole Extra truffles. These high quality truffles have a regular shape, an aspect and an ideal size. Their undeniable gustatory and olfactory qualities remain intact thanks to the freezing process. The texture of the truffles will be somewhat altered after freezing, they will be a little more "gummy" than fresh truffles.

To facilitate cutting, we recommend slicing them into thin strips or small pieces with a mandolin while still slightly frozen.

The unique taste of the black diamond can be added to your recipes, even out of season.

Tuber Melanosporum

The black diamond is found in truffle markets and trading houses from November to March, which makes it particularly desirable. The black diamond can be frozen to allow consumption later in the year. Thanks to Maison Truffes Henras' frozen whole black truffles, you can enjoy this exceptional delicacy whenever you want.


Black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum), water, salt

Frozen black truffles
  • Taste the black truffle of Périgord when you want
  • Category 1 - Extra : Superior quality.
  • Our black truffles Henras, are selected and come from the best vintages.
  • Delivery by transport specialized in frozen food
Tips for use

In order to facilitate the cutting of your frozen black truffles, we advise you to cut them when they are still a little frozen.

Cut them into thin strips or pieces and add them to your dishes at the end of cooking. 

They will enhance your simplest recipes such as fresh tagliatelle or mashed Jerusalem artichokes.

Conservation tips

Conservation during 1 year frozen

To be consumed quickly after defrosting