Fresh product
Fresh black truffle
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Fresh black truffle
Tuber melanosporum

Our fresh black truffles are carefully selected and packaged by our experts. It is a "home made" specialty that we strive to sublimate during the black truffle season.

Shipping only by TNT from Tuesday to Thursday (for order placed before 10am).
** Promotional offers do not apply to fresh truffles.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • From the best terroirs
  • Hand made

For the sake of freshness, fresh truffles shipments are made only from Tuesday to Thursday (orders placed before 10 a.m.). The price of fresh truffles varies each week depending on the volume harvested and the market prices.

Fresh truffles

Our fresh black truffles are carefully selected and packaged by our experts. It is a real house specialty that we strive to sublimate during the black truffle season. It is a true culinary treasure with multiple uses.

Fresh black truffles

The Périgord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is a real gustatory nugget that delights gourmets all over the world. We have been selecting it since 1820 for the chefs who trust us. Over the years, it has become a real house speciality.  

Our fresh truffles selection

Our fresh truffles arrive in our workshops in batches of soil. Our experts are then responsible for sorting, washing, brushing and cutting each truffle, one by one by hand. This meticulous method allows to select the best product for your plates.

During the selection our experts are interested in the shape and size of the truffles, to offer you a product that can easily be transformed. However, another factor comes into play and this is by far the most important, the flavor of the truffle. The cutting (making a cut in the skin of a fresh truffle), allows our professionals to check the quality of the truffle. They check the color of the flesh, which must be dark, with white veins.

Tuber melanosporum

The Périgord black truffle is known for its subtle and intense flavors, for almost two centuries we have made it a house specialty. Composed of more than fifty aromatic nuances, the black truffle is a complex gastronomic product. We take great care in its preparation to guarantee you exceptional fresh truffles.

The woody notes of the Tuber melanosporum are ideal for elevating and enhancing your culinary preparations. The black truffle has another advantage, it is consumable raw but can also be cooked, which allows a use of which only your creativity will be the limit.


Black truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

Fresh black truffle
  • Our truffles come from the best terroirs.
  • They are carefully selected by our experts.
  • They are cleaned, brushed and caned in our workshop located in the Lot.
Tips for use

Fresh truffles can be cut into strips and added at the end of cooking to enhance your dishes. We recommend around 15 grams of fresh truffle per person.

Conservation tips

Available during its season, our fresh truffles are packaged in vacuum bags and shipped by express transport. Upon receipt, we recommend opening the bag, drying the truffles and storing them in an airtight container, in an absorbent paper that has to be changed every day.

A fresh truffle can be kept for about 8 days.