Fine Guérande salt

Fine Guérande salt
with black truffle 1%
Tuber melanosporum
50 g

As a flavor enhancer, the salt gives the black truffle the support it needs to reveal all of its aromatic complexity on the palate. Both subtle and powerful, our black truffle salt is the ideal condiment in your kitchen to enhance and add a touch of madness to your recipes.
  • Made in France
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  • No synthetic flavour

Fine Guérande salt with black truffle

The fine gray salt with black truffle is a seasoning product that stands out for its ease of use: a simple pinch of this salt in one of your recipes will never go unnoticed. The black truffle breakings in the salt add crunch, which is very appreciable during tasting.

Flavors of black truffle salt

Salt is essential in the kitchen, whether you are a gastronomic chef or a family chef, you will always need salt, whether it is coarse, white, fine or flavored.

Black truffle salt is a surprising condiment, it comes from the alliance of two culinary diamonds, salt and truffle. Tuber melanosporum breakings bind to the fine gray salt of Guérande in a subtle aromatic embrace.

A true flavor enhancer, the salt reveals and highlights the powerful aromas of the Périgord black truffle by diffusing them into the heart of your preparations.

What to do with black truffle salt?

Black truffle salt is the most versatile product in our range, it goes well with everything. It is a high-end version of the classic salt with its delicious taste of black truffle that will highlight all your salty recipes.

It is an essential condiment that will delight a salad, a soup or a nice piece of meat. In an omelet or on mashed potatoes, the magic also operates, releasing all the flavors of the Périgord black truffle. It is however recommended to use the truffle salt at the end of the cooking so as not to alter the fragile fragrance of the Tuber melanosporum.


Fine Guérande salt, Henras black truffle breakings dehydrated (Tuber melanosporum) 1%, natural flavor.

Fine Guérande salt
  • No synthetic aroma.
  • Henras black truffles, selected and from the best terroirs.
  • Fine Guérande salt.
  • Made in France.
Tips for use

Fine Guérande salt with 1% black truffle can be sprinkled on simple dishes such as scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes; but also, on grilled pieces of meat.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat.