Extra virgin olive oil
100 ml

Extra virgin olive oil
and white truffle 0.3%
Tuber magnatum
100 ml

Olive oil and white truffle 0.3%, combines the fruity and aromatic taste of olive oil with the allied touches of white truffle. It is ideal for seasoning. A simple fillet on a summer salad, a scallop tartare or grilled white meat, will ennoble these dishes and will delight everyone's taste buds.
  • Made in France
  • No synthetic flavour

Olive oil and white truffle

Extra virgin olive oil and white truffle is handcrafted in our workshops in the Lot. The ingredients that compose it are rigorously and carefully selected by us. It does not contain any synthetic flavor. Its white truffle content is higher than the average white truffle content of market oils; which makes it exceptional.

It is the combination of the power of extra virgin olive oil and the delicacy of Alba white truffle (Tuber magnatum) that makes it an excellent product.

Extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil selected for the production of extra virgin olive oil and white truffle from Maison Truffes Henras is obtained from freshly picked, stripped and cleaned olive fruits. The oil is extracted only by mechanical means, which gives it incomparable quality.

Its green color with golden reflections and its fruity, tasty and acid-free taste, will sublimate simple dishes, bringing them the unique flavor of the marriage between olive oil and the sumptuous white truffle of Alba. Its aromatic touches of wild garlic, typical of this variety of truffle, will please the most discerning gourmets.

The exceptional white truffle

Alba’s white truffle, so rare and precious, is a wild truffle, unlike the black truffle, which has been adapted for truffle growth. The Tuber magnatum has irregular shapes. Its skin is smooth and velvety, with warm colors of cream. Its flesh is darker, it contrasts with its fine white veining. The white truffle is very appreciated for its powerful alliaceous flavors and its bewitching perfume.

This variety of truffle does not support heat in any case. It is recommended never to cook it and to consume it raw, added at the end of cooking, grated or sliced ​​into thin strips.




Extra virgin olive oil 99.6%, white truffle 0.3% (Tuber magnatum pico), natural flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil
  • No synthetic flavour
  • White truffles from the best vintages
  • White truffle content higher than in the average truffle oil on the market
  • Handcrafted in our workshops


Tips for use

Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle is ideal for sublimating fresh pasta, poultry or a summer salad.

Conservation tips

Keep away from heat and light.