Fresh product
45 g

and black truffle 10%
Tuber melanosporum
45 g

A delicate and tasty truffle butter with a subtle taste of black truffle. It is distinguished by its high content of black truffles. Made in France, it is a singular dish, composed of butter and black truffles breakings. It will delight gourmets.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • Made in France

Black truffle butter

Black truffle butter is an exceptional product. It contains 10% of black truffle in order to offer you a special experience of a tasty trip.

The flavors of the black truffle butter

Black truffle butter is a timeless ingredient, smooth and delicate, its balanced taste will delight gourmets. The butter, sublimated with a hint of salt, goes perfectly with Tuber melanosporum.

The subtle flavours of black truffles diffuse very well in fats such as Brie, oil and in our case butter. In addition to spreading, the aromas are kept longer, trapped in the butter.

The black truffles breakings used to prepare the butter are guaranteed 100% Tuber melanosporum. They are carefully made by our experts in our workshops. Truffle breakings bring crunch; a light crunch that stimulates the senses when tasting.

What to do with black truffle butter ? 

Butter is a flavor enhancer for truffles, it is considered its best friend in many ways. In order to take full advantage of this divine marriage, simplicity is essential.

It's best to use it with simple products or recipes such as oysters, boiled eggs or mashed potatoes. The black truffle butter will spread through these products to release all the aromatic complexity of the Perigord black truffle.

Butter can accompany hot dishes, such as red or white meats. Once melted on the meat, the butter will offer the musky touches of the black truffle for a gourmet and tasty experience.


Butter, Maison Henras black truffle breakings (Tuber melanosporum) 10%, salt, glycerol, natural flavour.

  • No synthetic flavour.
  • Truffle content higher than the average truffle butters on the market.
  • Henras black truffles, selected from the best terroirs.
  • Made in France.
Tips for use

Black truffle butter can be added to simple recipes such as mashed potatoes, fresh pasta or simply eaten on toast.

Conservation tips

Store in the fridge. After opening, consume quickly.