Black truffle peelings
From 16 g

Black truffle peelings
First boil
Tuber melanosporum

The first boiled canned truffle peelings come from the slicing of the ripe truffle. The peelings are ideal to enhance even the simplest preparations. They bring the subtle woody of Tuber melanosporum as well as the crunchiness.
  • From the best terroirs
  • First boil
  • Hand made

Canned black truffle peelings

Canned black truffle peelings are tasty alternatives to consume the Tuber melanosporum. Maison Truffes Henras guarantees you a preserved and respected flavour of the black truffle for an original taste experience, thanks to first boil, applied to the fresh truffle. This unique sterilization, usually reserved for catering professionals, preserves the aromas of the Tuber melanosporum.

A preparation of canned truffle peelings

Originally, the truffle peelings consisted of whole peeled truffle. Today, the sale of peeled truffles is rare, and the peelings are produced by cutting small truffles into thin strips the width of a truffle peel. The truffles used in the peelings are not regular, they can have some defects, however the specific taste of the Tuber melanosporum is always there.

The juice from sterilization is kept and used in our range of canned truffles to allow you to decorate all your preparations and release the intensity of the black truffle.

The tuber melanosporum

True queen of the kitchen, the Tuber melanosporum or more commonly the black truffle, gives off a subtle fragrance with woody and vanilla aromas. It is the truffle most used by chefs, whether in cold or hot preparations.

The digging of Tuber melanosporum begins in mid-November and ends in mid-March, however the black truffle is at its peak only from mid-January. Canned truffle from the first boil allow you to consume the black truffle throughout the year.


Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum), truffle juice, salt.

Black truffle peelings
  • From a single cooking: better preservation of their aromas.
  • Our black Henras truffles are selected and come from the best varieties.
  • From France or Spain
Tips for use

The black truffle peelings are to be added to your preparations after cooking in order to retain all of their aromas and crunchiness.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, store in the fridge and consume quickly.