Black truffle juice
From 50 g

Black truffle juice
Tuber melanosporum

Our truffle juice is extracted when opening canned truffles of the first boil. Naturally charged with aroma, it is the adequate product to create truffle recipes, to decorate a dish or to bind a sauce.
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum
  • From the best terroirs
  • Hand made

Canned black truffle juice

Canned black truffle juice is very easy to use and full of flavor. This product will accompany you daily in your culinary creativity. It can be used in the preparation of sauces, stuffings or even to decorate a risotto at the end of cooking.

The preparation of our canned black truffle juice

Nothing is lost during the preparation of our truffles. Maison Truffes Henras strives to respect the product and to sublimate it in all its forms. Our canned juice comes from the truffles first boil. During this cooking, the fresh truffles lose 25% of their weight, it is the famous truffle juice.

To guarantee the flavor of our canned truffle juice, we do not add any artifice and we do not dilute it. Our juice is rich in flavor, powerful and guaranteed to be 100% Tuber melanosporum.


The tuber melanosporum

The black truffle, in Latin Tuber melanosporum, is to cooking what diamonds are to jewelry, an apotheosis. Its rich woody flavors make it a delicacy that has been found on the greatest tables of gastronomy for several generations. Unlike the Italian white truffle, the Tuber melanosporum retains its aromas when cooked.

In winter, as the holiday season approaches, the black truffle is often consumed, but cannot be found the rest of the year. However, our knowledge of the product and our expertise has enabled us to develop a range of canned black truffles available all year long which guarantees the taste of the Tuber melanosporum, even in summer.


Truffle juice (Tuber melanosporum), salt - Extract by canning.

Black truffle juice
  • 100% Tuber melanosporum - no dilution.
  • Our black Henras truffles are carefully selected and come from the best varieties.
  • From France or Spain


Tips for use

The black truffle juice can be used in your preparations based on poultry, potatoes or eggs as well as in your sauces at the end of cooking. Be careful not to boil the juice in order to preserve all of its aromas.

Conservation tips

Store in a dry place away from heat. After opening, store in the fridge and consume quickly.