Balsamic vinegar
95 ml

Balsamic vinegar
with black truffle juice 3%
95 ml

An exceptional product, which can be used in many ways. On sweet, salty, cold or hot preparations, balsamic vinegar with truffles is a pure pleasure that will take you to the heights of gastronomy. A condiment that will find a special place in your kitchen.
  • Made in Italy
  • No synthetic flavour

Balsamic vinegar with black truffle juice

Balsamic vinegar is the star of all vinegars, appreciated by all for its unparalleled taste, just pour a few drops of the divine liquid to magnify any preparation. It is the ideal table companion of olive oil whose marriage is always a success.

The flavors of balsamic vinegar with black truffle

Balsamic vinegar has an inimitable characteristic taste, it is delicious, velvety with sweet flavours, characteristic of the product. Its very recognizable brown color gives off aromas of cooked grape extended with wine vinegar.

Our black truffle vinegar is made with black truffle juice Tuber melanosporum which brings into the mixture the woody taste and the subtlety of the black truffle.

The mixture is a true culinary ecstasy, which combines two products in a balanced and gourmet composition that will gently flatter the taste buds of your guests.

What to do with black truffle balsamic vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar with black truffle juice from Maison Truffes Henras can be used like a classic balsamic vinegar. It can elegantly magnify all kinds of preparations. In the kitchen it will allow you to season a salad, make a truffle vinaigrette or even to glaze poultry or meat. The ultimate, consists of decorating a salad of tomatoes and mozzarella with a few drops of vinegar.

Vinegar can also decorate sweet preparations, for example by using it in making a caramel coating to bring originality based on truffles to a cake or pie.



Balsamic vinegar 96%, black truffle juice (Tuber melanosporum) 3%, salt, natural flavor.

Balsamic vinegar
  • No synthetic aroma.
  • With balsamic vinegar.
  • High truffle juice content
Tips for use

It is ideal to sublimate scallops or simply to add a truffle touch to a vinaigrette.

Conservation tips

Keep away from light and heat.