The truffle universe contains innumerable secrets; Our blog will reveal some of them to you and will answer the questions you have about this fabulous and mysterious black diamond.

What is a summer truffle?


Discover with Laurence, manager of the Maison Truffes Henras, the particularities of the summer truffle, a variety of truffle with subtle aromas, very appreciated for its affordable price.

Truffes Henras at the Fancy food show


Maison Truffes Henras is pleased to participate in the Fancy Food Show in New York, June 12-14, 2022. The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York is the largest special food & beverage event in North America. Come and see us there!

Comment choisir une bonne huile à la truffe ?


L’huile à la truffe est une excellente alternative à la truffe. En effet, quelques gouttes suffisent pour révéler un plat. Cependant, il faut quand même se poser plusieurs questions avant d’en acheter.

Preserving fresh truffles


In this article, discover all our advice on the short and long term conservation of your fresh truffles. To begin with, you must differentiate between fresh cleaned truffles and fresh hollowed truffles, as the two states of the truffle will imply differences in the way you preserve your truffles. 

Production at Maison Truffes Henras


Discover the behind-the-scenes production of our fresh truffles, the manufacturing process of our preserved truffles, and all the quality aspects that allow us to guarantee you exceptional truffle products.

What is the price of the truffle?


Although truffles are renowned for their unique flavour, they are often considered a luxury ingredient, with a price that is not very accessible. With prices set each week according to supply and demand, its price changes throughout the season: not very accessible before the holidays, it can sometimes see its price divided by two in February at the height of production.

Different weights of our truffles from the first boil


Poids net à l'emboitage, Poids net, poids net égouté...

Retrouvez l'explication des différents poids indiqués sur les étiquettes de nos truffes de première ébullition. 

The truffle


Come and discover the best kept secrets of truffle growing. After a brief history, you will learn what a truffle really is and how it is formed, the differences between various varieties and how to recognise a fully mature truffle. We wish you a good read!

Truffle harvesting


Truffles can be harvested in many ways, there are direct harvesting by man with the help of instruments and methods called indirect and carried out with the help of animals. In any case, we speak of cavage to refer to the action of looking for and finding a truffle. The word caver has its roots in Italy where cavare means to extract or dig.